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Diagram of center trim setup.

Slitting a center trim out on a Baum 2020

Slitting can be utilized on your 1320 folder to cut apart multiple jobs that are printed on the same page. You can use a single blade and anvil to slit between the jobs or take a trim out, sometimes called a gutter trim.

The instructions below are specifically for 1300s with 1-1/8" slitter shafts. Note that 7/8" shafts will require a different procedure specific to that machine.

Remove the slitter shafts by taking out the knurled knob screw on the left side of the folder (operator side). Hold both slitter shafts in place with the right hand (CAUTION - SHARP BLADES)  and remove the knurled knob from the right side of the folder (non operator side) and with both hands, lift up and toward you and place them is a safe work area.

***USE EXTRA CAUTION WHEN INSTALLING SLITTER BLADES. They are sharp and will cut you.***

Note there are multiple spacers of different thicknesses on the blade holder. These are for mounting multiple blades at incremental center distance on the same blade holder. This is helpful when taking out a center trim. When placing the blades on the holder, place sharp edge away from the center and the next blade. Space the blade apart the same amount of trim you want to remove using the sharp edges to measure, using spacers between them for proper distance from the other blade. Both beveled edges of the blades should point to the other blade. The blade holder should be mounted on the shaft so the rotation of the shaft will not loosen the locking screw. (1-1/8 shaft with screw together collars only.)

Place at least two pull-out tires on each side of the slitter blade holder. Also install two on the top and bottom slitter shafts. Use the scoring collars with the sharp edge toward the slitter blade on the bottom slitter shaft. Then install the brass ring with the groove for the wire stripper, and then install the second scoring collar with the sharp edge toward the sharp edge of the second blade (the sharp edge of the collars should be toward the other). Install two more tires on the bottom slitter shaft and top slitter shaft. Replace the slitter shafts in reverse order that you removed them.

With the slitter shaft assembly back in the machine, position the center trim slitting assembly on the shafts, locating them in the correct area to remove the trim out on the printed sheet you will be running. Leave the set screws toward you and tighten them in place so if you move the blades, you do not need to keep turning the handwheel. The wire furnished with the center stripper wraps around the brass collar in the groove and twisted together at the end and hangs toward the floor.


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