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714 Adjustable Slitter Shaft


BAUM Product Update Announcement:

NEW from BAUM: Adjustable slitter shafts for the 714XLT and 714XA folders

BAUM has designed another new feature for the popular BAUM 714XLT and BAUM 714XA 1st station parallel folders that will further increase your capabilities with these already productive folding machines. BAUM has developed a new optional cartridge slitter shaft design that can be installed in place of the existing fixed center distance slitter shafts. The adjustable slitter shafts enable better scoring capabilities that could not be accomplished using the “Fixed” center distance shafts.

The new design includes adjustment points at both ends of the slitter shaft cartridge assembly using a ball driver tool provided with the assembly. A simple turn of the adjustment screw will open or close the center distance between the parallel shafts to enable micro adjustment for select scoring using scoring tooling designs offered by BAUM on larger floor model folding machines. The adjustment can also now enable Microperforating of sheets by adjusting the fine tooth blade depth into the paper stocks.

The new BAUM adjustable slitter shaft assembly can only be added to select BAUM 714 series folders. It cannot be added to 714 right angle folders.

The maximum sheet width is 14.00 (35.56cm) width. The maximum stock weight is limited to the acceptable “curl” from running the sheets through the folding rollers before reaching the adjustable slitter shaft assembly.

For heavier weight stocks that can curl due to the back-bending in the folding rollers, BAUM also has the UltraScore attachment for the 714XLT folders. This enables the sheet to be run straight through using just the main drive roller and the roller directly above to drive the sheet in the Ultrascore assembly. The same tooling used on the new 714 adjustable slitter shafts is also used on the Ultrascore attachment.

It is also very important when adding the new BAUM 714 Adjustable slitter shaft assembly that your folding rollers and deflectors on the fold plates are in their best condition. Be sure to check these items and contact your local BAUM representative or contract the BAUMFOLDER Parts department to update your machine to perform at its best.

For more information on the NEW BAUM 714 series adjustable slitter shafts or other items for your 714 series folders, contact your local BAUM representative or contact BAUM directly at 1-800-543-6107 or email at Baumfolder@baumfolder.com 



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